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To use HTTP scripts, in the Settings you need to apply, turn on the "Enable HTTP Script Instruction" switch under the script option. - the default open the new version, don't need to set the phone call script: can call directly at PC call: can directly call http:// LAN IP:8844/ CMD?

HTTP instruction description

function code
Start the application RunApp (" zorro "); Note: This instruction must be invoked before any of the following instructions are invoked to start the application to the front end.
A key new
Set system parameter V4.2.7,com.z.go2&backupapps=com.z.go1,com.z.go2 The fakeApps parameter represents the APP BundleId that only disguizes and does not backup, separated by a comma, i.e., the APP BackupApps with a black check mark represents the APP BundleId that is disguised and backed up, separated by a comma, i.e., the APP with a red check mark
The next entry
Valid specified record記錄ID
Delete the specified record記錄ID
Get a table of all record names v2.9.1
Gets the current record name v2.9.1
Sets the current record coordinates coordinates are: longitude, latitude, or longitude _ latitude
Clears the current record coordinates
Reset the coordinate V4.3.7 according to the current IP
Gets the current parameter V2.9.1 The parameter name can be used to set the parameter method below
Sets the current record parameter  Simply pass in the parameter to be modified, and the urlencodecoded remark parameter shall be used to remark the current record. The remark parameter will be displayed below the record on the page of the parameter record list, similar to the function of manually sliding the remark on the left side of the record list

Instruction return value description

HTTP commands after the call, using the synchronous way return data, return a json string directly, format: {" retcode ": value," MSG ":" the results described "} another file the return value, in: / var/mobile/zorroresult file, getcurrentrecordparam obtain parameters, will be more than one file data nodes, containing parameter information.

The return value instructions
2 The instruction is in progress and has not been completed. (This Http mode is not available)
1 Instruction execution completed normally.
0 Instruction instruction execution error.
100 The product is not activated or has expired.
10 Runtime environment exception.

Mobile phone parameters file description

The following parameters have been disclosed, others to be sorted out

The parameter name instructions
name The DeviceName corresponds to DeviceName, for example: "XXXX iPhone"
os For example, 11.2.6, corresponding to SystemVersion, will reset SystemBuildVersion, Safari and other related parameters
idfa Corresponding AdvertisingIdentifier
idfv Corresponding IdentifierForVendor
product ProductType, such as iPhone8,1 corresponding to ProductType, will reset HWModel, screen resolution and other relevant parameters.
UniqueDeviceID UDID, only the enterprise version of the call private function APP useful (v4.2.7 support)
remark note