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Zorro software basic function introduction
Zorro is a new privacy protection tool with a new technical architecture, which can be used on Apple iPhone after iOS 8.0 ~ iOS 13 jailbreak. It is professional to prevent your privacy information from being improperly obtained by a third party, refuse privacy disclosure, disguise mobile phone environment parameters and clean up application data, and can anti-jailbreak detection.
Support functions: one-key new machine, one-key cleaning, analog model, holographic backup, random parameters (mobile phone model/system version/communication operator/network type), multi-account switching, export and import, intelligent flight mode, virtual location, file management, powerful cleaning, anti-jailbreak detection, script call **.
Note: Some functions of the old version have been built in the new version. It is enabled by default without setting. The built-in functions include simulation of power, volume and signal strength: automatic simulation of power, which can automatically simulate power loss and hide charging status, etc. System startup time follows: system startup time and APP installation time follow according to each new phone at any time.
Zorro to change the lower right corner of the home page of the software [comprehensive cleaning] function is a new key machine function.
Thoroughly clean the IP and geographical location shown at the bottom for the current mobile Internet USE IP and the region.
At the bottom of the history is the latitude and longitude coordinates of the IP region or the city's optional location.
The bottom of the latitude and longitude coordinates is the current version of the Zorro software and the expiration date of the Zorro license. The right circle icon is the update authorization time function and enter the authorization code button.
1. Setting - Setting
Language: English and Traditional versions are currently supported
Random parameters
Mobile Phone model: Support the simulation of iPhone4S to iPhone 11 Pro Max full range of iphones, There are iPhone 7 (us version, Taiwan version), iPhone 7 Plus (Hong Kong, legal channels, us version, Taiwan version), iPhone 8 legal channels (A1863), Japanese version (A1906), iPhone 8 us version (Global/A1905), iPhone 8 Plus legal channels (A1864), Japanese version (A1864), iPhone 8 Plus us version (Global/ A1864), iPhone 8 Plus us version (Global/A1897), iPhone X legal channels (A1865), Japanese version (A1902), iPhone X US edition (Global/A1901) has 28 pieces in total
System version: 79 IOS versions from 8.0 to 13.4 are supported
Carrier-operator: It supports 67 domestic China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and foreign operators in total
Network Type - Network type: 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi
Clean up the parameter
Clean up backup
Prison break to clean up
VPN to clean up
Network to clean up
Telecom operator liquidation
Screen simulation: this is not recommended for general conditions. When the small screen is simulated to the big screen, the display may be incomplete due to the problem of APP development mode. Better results can be obtained by simulating the small screen on the Plus phone
Senior plug-in
Anti-flashback (for the game only)
Intelligent flight mode
Positioning management
Positioning open: Positioning master switch
IP positioning: Optional city positioning fails when this option is turned on (either IP positioning or city optional positioning)
City Optional Location: To use city optional, turn off IP optional location (IP optional location or city optional location)
* Note * : It is necessary to locate or change THE IP before the complete cleaning takes effect
Import and Export - import and export of file data (private beta version, version 10.3.x is not compatible with IOS system)
Export backup records
Import backup record
File manager: Click "File Manager" to enter, you can view the Intranet website and manage the file data in the browser
Additional features
Reloading the desktop
Reboot device (need to re-jailbreak)
Fix backup record permissions
Ii. Application list
Click the application list to enter and then check the software APP that you want to operate on the new machine with one key.
1. Click the check box once, and the check box is black, indicating that only the new machine will not be backed up (that is, only the new machine can be randomly selected. When the new machine is installed again, some application data will not be saved, and the data of this application cannot be restored in the future).
2. Click the box twice and the box is red, indicating the new computer and backup (the data of this application can be restored later)
Three, homepage function
Keychain: Keychain is used to store the user name and password. The software password that you have logged into the mobile phone and the user name and password of the web page are all stored in the Keychain. After clicking on the Keychain, the stored information data will be cleaned up.
Clean Up Safari: Safari is Apple's own browser and is used to clean up all data in Safari.
Raw machine: Cleans up and restores the current backup data parameters, while cleaning up other apps on the device.
Clean up the clipboard: Clean up the information recorded in the system clipboard.
History: Machine parameters generated and saved by comprehensive cleaning and holographic backup. Each backup is a brand new machine parameter. Click the corresponding record to switch back to the parameter environment of the machine at that time.