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Zorro Software FAQ introduction



How to uninstall Zorro new one-click machine software:


Zorro Zorro is downloaded and installed from Cydia, so [uninstalling Zorro] also operates in Cydia. The specific steps of unloading Zorro are as follows:

1. Open the Cydia software

2. Click "Installed" at the bottom.

3, scroll down to find Zorro full system backup privacy protection, click in, click on the upper right corner to uninstall or change and wait for the completion of uninstall

Uninstall Zorro, backup files will not be lost, problems can be uninstalled reinstall.

Complete cleaning failure occurs when using Zorro software:

The screenshot of the question is as follows:


Appeared in the process of using apple zorro zorro software above the "comprehensive cleaning failure 1 _NSArrayMinsertObject: atIndex: object always be nil" problem, the solution is to repair the cydia, taobao search repair cydia for someone to repair, the problem: the path of the cydia errors, in need of repair.


Install Zorro software missing dependent packages or fix conflicting packages:

During the installation of Zorro's new one-click software, some machines have the following problems: Note: The required changes cannot be made because the dependent packages cannot be automatically found or the conflicting packages can be fixed. Further queue Depends >=8.0 Depends mobilesubstrate


To solve this problem, first judge whether the INSTALLATION of AFC2 (Apple File Conduit "2") can be done. If it can, continue to install Zorro. If not, the continuation queue still appears and Cydia needs to be repaired.

Installation method of AFC2:

It is recommended that all jailbroken phones have AFC2 installed on them. (if it is more than 11 systems, add leinfen source: Search for AFC2 ios11-13 system path plugin. As shown in figure:


Zorro to change the phone did not meet the conditions of the mobile phone problem:

The novice just installed Zorro Zorro machine software, Zorro setting is not familiar with the situation, direct operation of the overall cleaning (one key to change the machine) function, will prompt "did not get the phone to meet the conditions, please check the parameter Settings" problem.

Solution: In fact, this prompt processing is very simple, just need to click on the upper right corner of the [Settings], [random parameters] in the plate {* mobile phone model *}{* system version *}{* network type *} and so on after clicking into more than a few parameters to operate Zorro to change the overall cleaning on the line.


Zorro machine switch backup failure treatment:

If zorro fails to switch backup, or other functions fail

Solution steps: 1. Has the device been re-jailbroken recently? 2, try to install Cydia at will, or uninstall a plug-in, see whether to report red error 3, error, is cydia problems, jailbreak environment failure, Zorro natural function failure 4, try to shut down, re-jailbreak


Mobile phone can not be used, need to transfer zorro authorization code to the new phone how to operate:

As the number of customers queuing for mobile transfer every day has exceeded our processing capacity, Zorro currently only supports customers who purchase annual CARDS and whose authorization code has been activated for binding to use. Due to the machine failure, they need to operate the authorization code to transfer to the new mobile phone for use.

Transfer operation Instructions:

1、On the mobile phone in accordance with the Settings -> general -> about -> serial number search sequence, the old device serial number plus the new device serial number according to the following format to customer service QQ 472889566

format The old:xxxxxxxxxxxx new:xxxxxxxxxxxx

2、New device installed Zorro software, mobile phone in the state of networking zorro use once

Tips: The machine can only be moved once within 365 days


Zorro software network problem solving:

In the process of using Zorro one-button new machine to clean up the camouflage, after using the full cleaning function, IP and positioning are still not displayed and other network problems appear, as shown in the figure below, the red box is empty.


Normal as follows:


Solution: 1. Search and download software with ACE Assistant and open global interception; 2. 2. Turn on the location service of iPhone. Operation procedure: setting -- > privacy -- > location service.

The correct setting interface of Rakuten is as follows:



Zorro Zorro Retrofit machine - Application flash back problem:

For the app after cleaning will flash back solution

1. In case of flashback, regardless of the system version, the system should first be simulated by narrowing the scope according to the local system, instead of simulating across the large system version. For example, the 11 system should be simulated within the 11 system, while the 12 system should be simulated within the 12 system.

2. There is a special case, that is the version 12.2. Part of the APP will appear. If the device is less than 12.2 version, the simulation over 12.1.4 May flash back; if the device is 12.2 version or above, the simulation over 12.1.4 will be normal. If this is the case, narrow it down further and avoid following the above rule.