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Zorro software installation tutorial introduction

* Note: The machine cannot have other similar functional tools at the same time, there will be conflicts, please uninstall and then install Zorro. * Cydia main source address: In case of failure to load, slow download speed, or installation, please use the alternate source of Zorro --


Figure version installation tutorial:


1. After jailbreaking the mobile phone, there will be Cydia software on the desktop.


2. Click the software source at the bottom;


3. Click the upper right corner to edit;


4. Click the upper left corner to add;


5. Input and click add Source to enter the interface of update software source;


6. When the top of the head appears, click the bottom to return to Cydia;


7. Find the software source and click enter;


8. Click ZORRO Ios7-13;


9. Click zorro full-system Backup privacy protection; Click the top right corner to install;


10. Click the top right corner to confirm;


12. When the top of your head appears, click the bottom to restart SpringBoard;


At this point the phone screen will be black screen restart, enter the phone again, check the desktop will appear Zorro software.

At this point, Zorro a key new machine software installation completed.