Powerful one-key wiper tool for iOS

   Zorro is committed to creating a high-performance ios tool based on ios parameter modification tools, garbage cleaning, data backup, and user privacy protection.

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Powerful data recovery function

  Anti-jailbreak detection

         Bypass the jailbreak detection mechanism, disguise the jailbroken device as a non-jailbroken device, allowing users to use iOS devices as they wish

One-click new machine powerful cleaning

One-click new machine powerful cleaning

   Provide iPhone/iPad with a series of powerful functions such as anti-jailbreak detection, modification of system serial number, model, system version, operator, geographic location, MAC, UDID, IMEI, IDFA, SSID application holographic backup, etc.

Simple operation, clear recovery

Simulate 3G/4G/WIFI network

   Adopt advanced IOS system network simulation technology to simulate various G/4G/WIFI networks to meet users' privacy needs.  

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